Comfortable Dental Crowns in Torrance and More

If you have ever been unclear about when you needed a dental crown, Dr. Joe Dentistry makes it really simple. Dental crowns are recommended over fillings when 50% or more of the tooth needs to be replaced. As you might imagine, if you have more filling than tooth structure it has a high chance of breaking. We want our dental work to last! Dental work, such as dental crowns, done correctly the first time will definitely save you time, money and energy and that is important to us.

Dental crowns are commonly used for the following purposes:

  • Protect a weak or damaged tooth
  • Cover up a stained tooth
  • Hold A Dental Bridge
  • Cosmetic Purposes

The Most Affordable Dental Crown Is the One You Never Need

Prevention is always the best solution in dentistry. By brushing and flossing twice a day, and scheduling regular teeth cleanings, you can make the chances you may need a dental crown minimal. Even if you are worried about whether or not you need a crown, the first step is always Dr. Joe’s initial examination. Scheduling a dental exam at his Torrance office will help you stay healthy for years to come.

The Difference Between Fillings and Dental Crowns

Whereas dental fillings are used to fill in the damaged or decayed portion of the tooth, dental crowns go 360 degrees around the tooth to hold it together and prevent it from chipping, cracking or completely breaking away.

Sometimes a filling can be used as a less expensive alternative to getting a crown; however, if most of the tooth is damaged, a crown is likely the best option for long-term health and comfort. A filling may, in fact, end up costing you more money in the long run if it chips or breaks.

A New Tooth for a Perfect Fit

Dental crowns are made to fit your existing tooth in a dental laboratory by a dental technician and are cemented on for a strong, secure fit that lasts. Dr. Joe will make an impression of your bite to send to the lab, ensuring the perfect fit.

Shape and size of your dental restoration is not simply for cosmetic reasons; it’s very important that your restored tooth be the perfect fit to maintain proper function and hygiene. For example, if your restored tooth doesn’t match up exactly with the adjacent teeth, your ability to chew and bite properly could cause your teeth to shift. Also, if the width or circumference of the restoration is off, leaving gaps in between teeth, food can get trapped, which could lead to tooth decay.

Making an Informed Choice With Dr. Joe

Choosing to get a dental crown is an important decision. After Dr. Joe conducts his initial evaluation of your dental health, you can be sure you’ll be making an informed choice. Dental crowns come in different materials, like silver amalgam and ceramic, and each has its own advantages and cost.

Our co-diagnosis approach is designed specifically to keep you relaxed and unpressured during your decision. Instead of keeping you in the exam chair to think things over, you’ll be escorted with Dr. Lee to his comfortable office, where you can discuss your options together to find the best selection for your individual situation. We are convenient located in Torrance, near Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach. If you need a dental crown, feel discomfort when chewing, or haven’t had a dental exam recently, call Dr. Joe today!


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