A Dental Exam in Torrance, Manhattan Beach Teeth Cleaning & More

Have you ever had a 30 second dental exam?

A proper dental exam in Torrance facilitates the prevention and early detection of cancer, gum disease, tooth decay, ulcerations and more. Dr. Joe Dentistry in Torrance serves Redondo Beach dentistry patients and other nearby South Bay cities. We know a thorough exam is essential to maintaining your dental health and the health of your whole body as well, so we recommend scheduling one at least twice each year.

Here at Dr. Joe Family Dentistry in Torrance, we recognize the value of a proper, routinely scheduled dental exam and cannot emphasize its importance enough. A general dental teeth exam is the foundation of dental health. It is impossible to treat someone without fully understanding the full extent of their dental needs and concerns. Our exams include everything from an oro-facial pain analysis, to bite analysis, to oral cancer screening, and more.

If it’s time for your next dental exam call or email us today to schedule a visit. We happily provide dental examinations for children, teens and adults, so we encourage you to bring the whole family. Because Dr. Joe uses a co-diagnosis approach to treatment, following your exam, you will both be able to discuss your options in the comfortable privacy of his office, not the hot seat of the dentist’s chair.

The Three Types of Dental Exams For Kids and Adults in The Torrance Area

As part of Dr. Joe Dentistry’s commitment to the highest quality guest experience, we are proud to offer not only basic exams, but also more intense procedures as well. We make our patients our first priority. No matter which of these dental teeth exams you may need, you will be comfortable and informed throughout. Here are the three kinds of exams you may require.

Comprehensive Dental Teeth Exam in Torrance:

This dental exam is suggested during the very first visit and once every three years. It includes a series of Teeth X-rays to check for potential problems, including tooth decay, disease, bone loss and cysts. The esthetics of your teeth, mouth and surrounding areas will also be assessed particularly if you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry. Moreover, the comprehensive exam provides Dr. Joe the opportunity to exam everything about your dental health. No rock will be left unturned.

Periodic General Dental Exam in Torrance:

This is a yearly exam where Dr. Joe checks for any changes since your last exam. This is also an opportunity for Dr. Joe to discuss and remind you of any remaining work identified during your last dental examination that may yet to be completed.

Emergency Dentist in Torrance:

As the name suggests, these are done in emergency dental situations. A Torrance emergency dentist exam includes X-rays and an evaluation of the area in need. It’s the simplest of dental exams, but also the most important to have done promptly.

If you are looking for the best dental exams in Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and the surrounding cities, your search is over.


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