All About Digital Dental X Rays Torrance

South Bay Dental X-rays are photographs of the teeth, soft tissue and bones around your mouth. These enable the dentist to detect existing problems and prevent potential problems before they can occur. Torrance X-rays play a fundamental role in modern dentistry.
Dental X-rays give Torrance dentists the ability to see what they can’t see with the naked eye, allowing detection and diagnosis of problems before they begin to cause you pain, discomfort or otherwise become symptomatic or more serious. More specifically, dental X-rays reveal infections, decay, problems below the gum line, the position of the teeth and roots and any developmental abnormalities. This is especially important when dentists need to perform procedures like root canals, dental implants and comprehensive dental exams in Torrance.

root canal procedureIdentifying and treating dental problems at an early stage can save you time, money, unnecessary discomfort, and your teeth!

Children have an additional thing to deal with when it comes to dental care…incoming teeth.  Dental x-rays help dentist identify incoming teeth and whether they are coming in properly.

Children have an additional thing to deal with when it comes to dental care: incoming teeth. Dental X-rays on children and kids help dentist identify incoming teeth and whether they are coming in properly. For those reaching their teens and beyond, dental X rays are useful in the general dentist teeth examination of wisdom teeth in the Torrance area. It is important to observe how they will interact with pre-existing teeth, and whether one or all the wisdom teeth will need to be extracted.

Remember, Dr. Joe Dentistry in Torrance is all about DENTAL PREVENTION!

X-rays also gives you a chance to actually see, with your own eyes, what’s going on inside your mouth. Dr. Joe Dentistry near Redondo Beach is committed to providing high-quality care and high-quality service to everyone we treat. In order to do this, we only use the most efficient and effective technology available to perform our procedures accurately, and with as little discomfort to you as possible. Dr. Joe Dentistry in Torrance uses state-of-the-art digital dental X-rays.

Digital dental X-rays provide fast images that allow for easy size, color and brightness adjustments. With Dr. Joe Dentistry’s high-definition screens, we can show you the X-ray results almost instantly.

If you have not had any X-rays taken in a long time, you may be surprised to know how quick the process has become. For most adults, a simple lead-lined vest is placed on you to prevent and unnecessary exposure. Meanwhile, a small machine is positioned over the area being examined and a targeted beam of X-rays transmitted. From start to finish, the process takes only a few minutes. Another benefit of modern technology and this stream-lined process is that the price of X-rays has dropped over the years as well.

We take patient care very seriously, and part of creating the best possible experience is keeping our patients informed. To this end, Dr. Joe Dentistry uses a co-diagnosis process with all patients. Following your examination, including dental X-rays, Dr. Joe will sit down with you in the privacy and comfort of his Torrance Dental office to discuss his findings and the best treatment options available.

We are always happy to here from you! If you have any questions about dental X-rays in Torrance or any other general or Torrance cosmetic dental procedures, we are ready to help.


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