Torrance Dentistry for Children


Friendly Kids Dentist

We understand that knowing when and how take to care of your kids dentist needs can be confusing! Dr. Joe Dentistry located in Torrance is here to take out the guess work, we are all about PREVENTATIVE children’s dentistry for kids in the Torrance area!


Start Early, Stay Healthy

The Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children get their first dentist visit by their first birthday and Dr. Joe Dentistry of Torrance makes this recommendation to all of this parents of young children and kids. At your kids first dentistry visit, we will evaluate their dental and teeth condition and alert the parents about any potential teeth problems problems. When a child has regular dentist appointments for general dental teeth cleanings early in their lives they learn the importance of developing good dental teeth habits, so that is why we push to parents in Torrance to make us their dentistry for children in Torrance.

Child tooth decay, or kid cavities, is the most common childhood disease in Torrance and the rest of the South Bay. As with any kind of children’s treatment, dentistry for children is most successful when complications are identified at an early age of the child. Frequent fillings and other dental teeth treatments for children can create an unnecessary financial drain on families in the future of kids dentist visits. We promote healthy dental teeth habits for children in Torrance, and this extends beyond brushing and flossing. Ensuring a healthy diet for children, one with a minimum of sugary snacks and soda, creates a great foundation for a healthy future.

Getting tooth cavities as a small child can be stressful to both parent and child, and we want to prevent this! Children dental exams are often needed more frequently for children than for adults. Sometimes you may need to bring your child or children in as much every three months. Also, we all know children have a tendency to run around, increasing the chance they might damage their young teeth in some way. Bringing your child in for emergency dental care in Torrance is convenient for all parents in the South Bay, thanks to Dr. Joe’s weekend, early morning and evening family dentistry hours. Dr. Joe will always discuss the best available options for you and your children in Torrance.

At Dr. Joe children dentist in Torrance, we pride ourselves on a stress-free approach to not only dentistry for kids, but with all our kid patients. We can help guide you through the process so that we can save your kids from the pain and discomfort of having cavities as well as keeping their dental health in check as they grow into bigger children and teens. Children that practice good oral hygiene and teeth care have fewer dental teeth issues as an adult.

Torrance Dentistry for Children Begins at Home

Dr. Joe can explain all the different ways in which you can ensure your child’s teeth stay strong and healthy. It’s tough to keep make sure your kids are brushing as much as they should. With Dr. Joe’s friendly approach, he can help your children understand how important children dental hygiene can be.
In your own life, even if you brush and floss, have you had trouble with kid cavities? Sometimes, we may have a genetic predisposition to tooth decay. This tendency can be passed on to your children, making it extra important to ensure they keep healthy and stay that way.

As young as 2 and 3, children can begin to use toothpaste. As the kids grow older, Dr. Joe can apply a sealant to the back molars, where most chewing occurs, in order to help block out food debris and keep plaque from building up. Child Pediatric dentistry requires an experienced, caring dentist. That’s why families throughout Torrance, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes Carson, Gardena, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and other South Bay cities love visiting Dr. Joe Dentistry.


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