Shining Some Light on the Great Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry provides a safe and efficient way of treating numerous dental complications. We love being able to offer you the latest and greatest in dental technology, so you can spend more time enjoying your smile.

One of Dr. Joe Dentistry’s founding principles is providing excellent dentistry services with a gentle touch. We make your comfort our priority. We use advanced laser technology whenever possible, which assists us in our commitment to creating the ideal dental experience for all our guests.

Safe and Comfortable Laser Dentistry

Lasers are a great match for Dr. Joe Dentistry. Why? Because we care about your comfort. Lasers can be used in place of drills for some procedures. The high-pitched sound of a dental drill may cause anxiety in some patients. Lasers are quiet and calming, so you can relax more during treatment.

Some benefits of using a laser include faster healing times, requires less anesthetic, and improves overall comfort as compared to traditional methods of administering dental procedures. Lasers are also very precise; this precision cuts down on pain, bleeding and discomfort. All of this is true for the simple reason that the heat of the laser closes tissue as it removes it.

How We Can Treat You

Laser dentistry is a kind of umbrella term for any type of procedure involving the use of a dental laser, and there are quite a few! The narrow beam of light can target very specific areas. This allows for precise treatments as well as reducing the amount of time needed for procedures. Lasers are used for both general and cosmetic dentistry including the following purposes:

  • Clear tooth decay when preparing cavities for fillings
  • Speeding up the solidifying, or “curing,” of the actual filling following its installation.
  • Assist with teeth whitening procedures to make the process faster
  • Treat infections in the mouth such as cold sores
  • Cut and remove muscle tissue in the mouth that is impacting movement
  • Remove inflamed gum tissue to treat gum disease
  • Biopsy procedures
  • Re-shape gum and bone tissue during preparation for crowns, roots canals, dental implants and other procedures
  • Help expose wisdom teeth during extraction

And the list goes on! Because laser dentistry reduces the time needed for many treatments, lasers help keep costs as low as possible.

Our Commitment to Your Wellbeing

At Dr. Joe Dentistry, we pride ourselves on our patient-focused approach. Dr. Joe selects only the best methods of treatment, such as laser dentistry, for his patients. This means you will always receive the most effective, comfortable and affordable treatment possible, not the most expensive or trendiest. After Dr. Joe’s initial evaluation, you will be able to sit down with him, in his office rather than the dental chair, to discuss his recommendations together and calmly choose the best treatment option for your individual situation.

We never want you to worry about getting the dental work you need to keep yourself healthy. Having a gentle touch is our specialty!

Be sure to check out our convenient office hours, too! We want to fit into YOUR schedule, not the other way around. With early morning, evening and weekend hours, you can always find a time convenient for you.

If you have any questions about laser dentistry or any other type of procedure, or would simply like to schedule an appointment, please Contact Us today! Having a gentle touch is our specialty!

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