Root Canal Procedure

root canal procedureThe root canal is the hollow, soft tissue inside of the root of the tooth. Root canal procedures are usually done on teeth where the inside of it is dying or dead. Dead tooth material is food for bacteria and causes infection which is why it’s removed and filled.

Basically, the damaged or decayed tissue in the tooth breaks down into bacteria and causes infection. If left untreated, the infection will spread throughout the mouth. Not getting a root canal in a timely manner could also lead to swelling in the mouth, face and neck and could even result in bone lose. Other common symptoms include pain or pressure when eating, discolored teeth and chronic sensitivity to hot or cold.

However, some people who need a root canal have no symptoms at all which is why it’s so important to visit your dentist regularly even though you may not having dental pain or other obvious issues. In the case that you are not experiencing symptoms, infection may not be apparent until your dentist has done a routine dental exam and x-rays.

Root canals used to have a bad reputation for being very painful particularly because it’s where the nerves are. However, because of improvements in dental technology and technique, comfort has greatly improved.

Our patients often say “My root canal felt like a filling that took more time”.

Dr. Joe Dentistry specializes in having a gentle touch. You can rest assured that your comfort is important to us even during your root canal procedure.


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