Sedation Dentistry for Fear and Anxiety Management in Torrance and Surrounding Areas

A lot of people worry about visiting the dentist, but sedation dentistry is designed specifically to care for anyone avoiding important dental care out of fear or anxiety. In fact, more than 35 million people do not visit the dental office because they are too afraid. At Dr. Joe Dentistry of Torrance, we focus on making our patients comfortable throughout their visit. With various types of sedation dentistry at our disposal, you’ll be as relaxed as can be while you receive the top-quality care you deserve.

Dr. Joe’s Sedation Dentistry

At Dr. Joe Dentistry, all of our services are done with the gentlest touch possible. Dr. Joe and his staff have invested the time and energy into getting the necessary training to provide high-quality service, while at the same time keeping you comfortable. In addition to this, we focus on communicating and explaining treatments in full detail, which takes all the guess work out of your visit and allows you to rest assured that you are being completely cared for. We maintain a welcoming, positive, and peaceful atmosphere so that you can relax.

Actual sedation dentistry is a general term for any sort of technique used to relax you during your visit. Some patients have difficulty with fear and anxiety over visiting the dentist, others may have a hyperactive gag reflex, making dental work very difficult and uncomfortable. Using sedation dentistry techniques, such as IV sedation, nitrous oxide and local anesthetics, Dr. Joe is able to keep you relaxed throughout your procedures.

Sleep Dentistry

Dr. Joe Dentistry also provides alternatives to traditional treatment methods and procedures for those who cannot tolerate the normal procedure including sleep dentistry. When a comfortable environment, clear communication and a gentle touch isn’t enough to relieve your fear of the dentist, you can receive your dental procedures while you are asleep! People with anxiety about the dentist absolutely love this option. Just follow Dr. Joe’s sedation instructions before your appointment and by the time you wake up…you are all done! If you have questions or concerns about how Dr. Joe can help you overcome anxiety and fear of the dentist, please contact the office in Torrance today.

Your Health Is Worth It

Avoiding the dentist because you are worried about the discomfort or for other reasons may be understandable, but it is extremely important to maintain regular checkups. Your dental health requires visits to the dentist, even for a simple teeth cleaning. If you brush and floss twice a day, you are removing the debris that develops into plaque, but brushing and flossing are simply not strong enough to remove tartar. The only way to ensure tartar cannot accumulate and cause gum disease is to have Dr. Joe perform his gentle teeth cleaning. A teeth cleaning appointment is also a great way to have a dental exam at the same time. During your dental exam, Dr. Joe will be able to diagnose any ways in which he can improve your dental health and your smile.

The most important part of Dr. Joe’s approach to dentistry is a caring, relaxed approach to effective, affordable dental care. No matter what worries you, Dr. Joe’s sedation dentistry techniques and the gentle touch shared by Dr. Joe and his staff will leave you soothed and smiling. Call us today to learn more about what sedation dentistry at Dr. Joe’s Torrance office can do for you!


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