Wisdom Teeth Removal


Unlike all other permanent teeth that come in as a child in Torrance, wisdom teeth don’t come in until much later in life between 17 and 25 years old. Because wisdom teeth don’t come in until after all other teeth have grown in and settled in their proper place, they often overcrowd the rest of your teeth causing pain or unwanted tooth shifting, these are the common wisdom teeth symptoms our Torrance dental patients have encountered. Also, because wisdom teeth are often so far back in the mouth that the wisdom teeth pain and wisdom teeth symptoms are something that should be dealt with and consulted by a wisdom teeth dentist in torrance ASAP, there’s no room for them to grow in all the way which can lead to infection or other dental implications that make wisdom teeth removal recovery a longer process. Furthermore, even if they do manage to grow in all the way, they are difficult to brush and clean properly.  Wisdom teeth pain is not as bad as most of your friends or family in the Torrance South Bay area have claimed it to be.

When sitting at home in Torrance, there is no magic moment when you can feel your wisdom teeth coming in, wisdom teeth are surgically extracted  and removed, either under light sedation dentistry, which makes you numb and drowsy, or general anesthesia which puts you to sleep completely. Dealing with wisdom pain relief in Torrance is not that harsh, and the cost of wisdom teeth surgery removal at Dr. Joe’s Torrance dentistry is very affordable.  For 80% of our patients the light sedation is enough for them not to remember anything. In fact, one of our recent Torrance wisdom teeth removal patients called the office the day after her procedure to pay, not remembering that she had already paid!

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Torrance

Your 3rd molars, frequently called your wisdom teeth, are generally the last teeth to explode in and out of your gums into your mouth. If strong and efficient your wisdom teeth can be beneficial. However, there are also explanations behind why you may need to contemplate removing your wisdom teeth ASAP with a dentist close to your home in Torrance. Sometimes your wisdom tooth or wisdom teeth are in fact strong, but because of dental treatment they need undergo wisdom teeth removal surgery.

Torrance Wisdom Teeth Extraction Imaginable Worries

With most surgeries, wisdom teeth removal extraction is not void of complications that may arise. Our wisdom teeth extraction dental patients should be conscious that there is a very minimal shot of infection, soreness, temporary pain from the removal of a wisdom tooth, dry socket and relaxing of next door teeth or their fillings.  Another slight risk is of an top level tooth getting shifted into the sinus.  Dr. Joe has performed many wisdom tooth extractions in Torrance and most of the time everything works out very smoothly but we feel it is important to understand the issues that could occur during the result of having wisdom teeth pulled at our Torrance dentist office.

So, if the thought of getting a wisdom tooth pulled scares you, just remember that you won’t actually remember a thing from the surgery of the wisdom tooth or teeth removal procedure here at our lovely Torrance dentistry office.   Serving patients from Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Gardena, Carson and the rest of the South Bay.


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