Dr. Joe Dentistry Offers Affordable Care and Convenient Hours for Rancho Palos Verdes

Dr. Joe Dentistry, serving Rancho Palos Verdes and more, focuses on patient care, effectiveness and affordability for both cosmetic and general dentistry. We offer extra early, extra late and even weekend hours so that you can always fit oral health into your schedule. Adding to that convenience, our office is located just minutes from Rancho Palos Verdes, meaning you can receive top general and cosmetic dentistry without scouring the city.

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From Teeth Cleaning to Root Canals, Rancho Palos Verdes Loves Our Services

Our approach to patient care allows us to provide our Rancho Palos Verdes guests with high-quality dental treatments, including:

Dental Exams and Teeth Cleaning: If you haven’t been to our office near Rancho Palos Verdes for a teeth cleaning or dental exam recently, every day is a good day to schedule an appointment! Our caring approach always creates the best experience possible for Rancho Palos Verdes residents. The most affordable dental treatment is always prevention, but maintaining oral health requires more than brushing and flossing regularly; you need professional teeth cleaning and dental exams to remove tartar deposits and catch dental problems before they can become serious. Take the pretty drive from Rancho Palos Verdes to Dr. Joe Dentistry!

A Pressure-Free Approach to Adult, Family and Kids’ Dentistry: One of our Rancho Palos Verdes patients’ favorite parts of Dr. Joe Dentistry is how little stress is involved. Dr. Joe loves kids and it shows! Kids’ dentistry is extremely important to creating and maintaining healthy dental habits. When Rancho Palos Verdes kids like their dentist, they tend to like dentistry too!

For adults, it’s important to always be able to make an informed decision about your oral care. Rather than keeping patients in the dental exam chair, forcing you to make important decisions while in an uncomfortable position, Dr. Joe uses a Co-Diagnosis our Rancho Palos Verdes patients love. Dr. Joe will take you back to his office to calmly explain his recommendations and your options, so you can make the best decision for you together and return to Rancho Palos Verdes with peace of mind.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Rancho Palos Verdes

Dr. Joe Dentistry is also a great place to improve your beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes smile. With Opalescent teeth whitening treatment and Six Month Smiles, you can have a straighter, whiter smile faster and more affordably than you ever thought possible. Rancho Palos Verdes patients no longer need to worry about unsightly adult braces. Six Month Smiles uses transparent brackets to efficiently and comfortably straighten smiles inconspicuously. Opalescent teeth whitening is popular in Rancho Palos Verdes because it allows our patients to enjoy both in-office and at-home treatments.

Dental crowns and dental veneers are both important to creating a healthy, beautiful smile for our Rancho Palos Verdes patients. Dental crowns are often used to repair teeth damaged by time, accident or following a root canal procedure. We offer our Rancho Palos Verdes patients a variety of different materials, each with their own advantages, for dental crowns. Dental veneers can brighten your smile while repairing and chips or cracks in teeth. With our co-diagnosis approach, you and Dr. Joe can discuss your options before making a decision on improving your Rancho Palos Verdes smile. If you’re interested in the best kids and family dentist for both general and cosmetic dentistry near Rancho Palos Verdes, call Dr. Joe Dentistry today.