Your San Pedro Neighborhood Dentist

If you have kids, you know that making appointments at multiple locations can be a time-consuming undertaking. Dr. Joe is San Pedro’s best general dentist for families. Adult teeth and baby teeth are welcome at Dr. Joe Dentistry for a one-stop, quality experience for the whole family in a relaxing environment.

Whether you need a routine , fillings, or 6 Month Smiles teeth straightening, you have come to the right place. Dr. Joe is a highly skilled dentist providing personalized service to San Pedro with his very own dual-diagnosis system. He will outline diagnosis clearly and work with you to find a customized treatment plan.

Dr. Joe also understands that life can get pretty hectic. Going to the dentist should not add to the daily grind, which is why he works with your busy schedule. He is available throughout the week, with early opening, late closing and weekend hours at our San Pedro-convenient location.

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6 Month Smiles Clear Braces Near San Pedro

Say goodbye to metal braces, San Pedro. Adults and teenagers often worry about orthodontic treatments that alter the appearance of the mouth for years at a time. 6 Month Smiles combines the technology of traditional braces and clear aligners to create a highly effective alternative that straightens teeth quickly! Dr. Joe, a high skilled dentist in your area, is pleased to offer this revolutionary service at his office.

Teeth Cleaning for the Whole Family

Keep the cavities and tartar away with a routine teeth cleaning. There are some things that your toothbrush and floss just can’t defeat, like thick plaque and tartar build up. Teeth cleanings are especially important for kids who forget to brush or are learning how to maintain an oral health regimen. Luckily, Dr. Joe is a leading kid’s dentist serving the San Pedro area. Don’t worry; he won’t forget your teeth either!

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Near San Pedro

If your children are high school or college-aged, they may need their wisdom teeth taken out. Most wisdom teeth extractions are performed on teenagers and young adults between the ages of 17 and 25. Many young people notice pain or soreness when their teeth come in. However, for some, wisdom teeth can cause crowding or gum infections when there is simply no room in the mouth. This is why you need a specialized dentist in the San Pedro area to extract and evaluate the wisdom teeth properly. Dr. Joe is the way to go. Call our office today!

Root Canal Dentist for Families

Dr. Joe hopes to serve the San Pedro area for generations. He will care for your child’s baby teeth and watch him or her grow up. When you or your children have cavities, he will fill them. If someone in your family needs a root canal procedure, he’ll perform the procedure effortlessly.

Perhaps when your child is older, Dr. Joe will also perform a 6 Month Smiles teeth straightening treatment or wisdom teeth extraction. Then, one day, your child will be an adult and can trust that Dr. Joe knows his or her teeth better than anyone! You may even find yourself bringing your grandchildren to see him. That’s what a family dentist like Dr. Joe does, and why you should get root canal procedures at our dentistry near San Pedro. Call us today for more information.