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At Dr. Joe Dentistry, we understand how hard it can be to find a dentist you trust, that can also suit the needs of your entire family. That’s why we love being able to provide quality care with the latest technology for every member of your family – from your little bundle of joy to your active teen. Dr. Joe and our team are kind and gentle for a relaxed and rewarding dental experience, and we place a strong emphasis on educating your little ones about the importance of oral health for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

Setting the Stage

One common misconception about pediatric dentistry is that it’s not that important because their baby teeth are just going to fall out anyways. This could not be more dangerous or further from the truth. In fact, baby teeth set the stage for adult teeth to grow in properly. Without proper care, they are destined for a lifetime of poor dental health, poor self-esteem and a lower quality of life.

At Dr. Joe Dentistry, we know coming to the dentist can be scary (even for many adults), but especially for kiddos! That’s why we work hard to create a relaxed and comfortable environment that’s kid-friendly and feels like home. We make sure to get to know your kids and make them feel comfortable before we even look in their mouth, setting the stage for a positive relationship with the dentist.

“Awesome dental office for my two young daughters. They are so welcoming and excellent with kids. They actually talk with them and make them feel very comfortable. My daughter had a filling required and was actually laughing with the staff because they were using humor to help her anxiety. Thank you Everyone! I don’t want my girls to fear the dentist and so far it’s been easy and no tears!!!”– Stacy

Baby’s First Visit

You should bring your baby in to see us as soon as their first tooth emerges, usually somewhere around their first birthday. You should already be cleaning their gums gently with a wet wash cloth after feeding, and should continue to do so until more of their teeth come in.

We like to see your little ones as early as possible just to make sure things are developing properly. We like to check the progress of their first tooth, the health of their gums, and the position of their bite. This ensures we catch any potential problems in the early stage when they are easier to address so their mouth can grow up right along with them.

“Dr. Joe is the best!! My daughter had to have an extraction and was very nervous. Dr. Joe put her mind at ease and the tooth was out before she knew it!!”– Traci

Home Care

You should brush your child’s teeth for them using a small, soft-bristled brush designed for small, delicate mouths. Use a small amount of toothpaste about the size of a grain of rice, and graduate to a pea-sized amount around age three. You should floss their teeth as soon as two teeth are touching. Using Soft-Picks® may be easier for both of you than traditional string floss.

You should brush for them until they have the proper knowledge and motor skills to do so themselves, usually around age six or seven. If they are able to rinse and spit on their own, they can start using a fluoride rinse to help prevent cavities. You should supervise their oral hygiene routine until you feel confident leaving them up to their own devices.

Oral Hygiene for Kids

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Children’s Dental Services

While our primary goal is to prevent cavities before they happen, we all know how hard it can be to keep kids mouths cavity-free. Most of us had at least one cavity when we were kids, and that’s ok! That’s what we’re here for.

We offer a number of services for your little ones to keep them healthy and smiling. From regular cleanings and exams, to fillings, to sealants, to fluoride treatment, to orthodontics, we have the knowledge and the tools your kid needs to start their oral health journey on the right foot.

If you want to give your little one the best possible start in life, start with us at Dr. Joe Dentistry, your gentle Torrance pediatric dentist.

  • Gentle Cleanings
  • Comprehensive Exams
  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Sealants
  • Orthodontics
  • Mouthguards
  • Extractions
  • Oral Surgery

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