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Many folks have negative misconceptions about cosmetic dentistry for different reasons. Maybe because it’s purely elective, some procedures can be expensive, and it’s only concerned with aesthetics. However, being able to improve a person’s smile and sense of confidence can actually have a dramatic impact on their life. At Dr. Joe Dentistry, we believe everyone deserves to have a healthy, beautiful smile because it allows us to share our emotions and connect with the world. A simple cosmetic fix could be all that stands between you and living your best life, and Dr. Joe has received extensive advanced training in cosmetic dentistry to give you the beautiful smile you deserve.


If your smile is suffering from any number of grievances, including cracks, chips, gaps, or stains, you may be wondering what the best cosmetic solution is for you. We have good news – you don’t have to endure multiple treatments like orthodontics, restorative work, and teeth whitening to get the beautiful smile you want.

Veneers are thin shells of tooth colored porcelain, bonded over the visible surface of the tooth or teeth. Veneers can correct any number of aesthetic problems with a single treatment. Whether you have one problem tooth or want to make over your whole smile, veneers can give you the perfectly straight, white smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Veneers Illustration

Teeth Whitening

We all have our vices – coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes, anyone? Even without the help of these daily pick-me-ups, our teeth tend to yellow and discolor from the foods we eat and simply from age. The good news is, you don’t have to grin and bear it.

At Dr. Joe Dentistry, we use the Opalescence® teeth whitening system to give our patients dramatic professional results from the comfort and convenience of home. No other teeth whitening system can offer the same brilliant results with a variety of options to fit your needs and lifestyle.

We will fit you with your very own set of whitening trays, custom designed to perfectly fit your smile for the most effective results. The trays are comfortable and easy to use whenever your smile needs a quick pick-me-up. Rather than experimenting with over the counter products that make your teeth and gums sensitive and don’t deliver results, come see us today for a comfortable, convenient, and effective at-home whitening treatment to get back your youthful glow and beauty.

Cosmetic Bonding

If you have a chipped front tooth, or other minor imperfections you’d like to fix, but aren’t ready to invest in more extensive treatments like veneers or orthodontics, cosmetic bonding might be the perfect solution for you. Bonding can double as a restorative and cosmetic treatment in one.

We use a durable and natural looking tooth colored resin to paint over the visible surface of the tooth or teeth. Bonding helps us build out chips, fill gaps, cover stains, and correct minor alignment issues without the need for invasive or expensive treatments.

Whether you have an important life event coming up you want to look your best for, or you’re just tired of looking tired, we think you deserve to feel beautiful. It all starts with a smile. Contact your Torrance cosmetic dentist, Dr. Joe at Dr. Joe Dentistry today!

“I love Dr. Joe’s Dentistry! The office is very clean and the interior decor is terrific (its very trendy, you must visit to see!). Dr. Joe is very gentle and kind and other staff members were very caring and friendly! I definitely recommend Dr. Joe if you want painless treatment and a beautiful new smile!”

– Chelsea

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